photo by YellowBelly London



Danish singer/songwriter Jakob Welding once got lost on a plane and landed in London where he’s been living ever since. He sporadically slaps his hands on his piano until a song starts taking shape, then drinks his 15th cup of coffee of the day whilst thinking about how lush the world is... and then writes a delightfully melancholic song about something completely different.  

Like any young boy, Jakob got into music because his kindergarten girlfriend started taking lessons. *SPOILER* their relationship didn’t last, but the music did. In 2004 he went on his first European tour, (like most 13-year-old kids), which became the start of the lifestyle of a struggling and poor artist. 

Quickly getting bored made Jakob pick up several instruments including piano, guitar, saxophone, etc., which turned out to be quite handy when composing music, which he also does for other artists and films.  
Jakob’s sound spans several genres, but often with a distinguished 80s- and cinematic vibe.  

Having just been on tour in China for 14 months, Jakob is now finally back working on new music, and planning on dropping a lot of it very soon! So keep an eye out! 
Jakob recently grew a 70's kind of moustache... Throw him a follow on Instagram to stay updated on important things such as: like how long the moustache is, how long he will keep it, when he's performing and releasing music, and other fashion updates.   

@JakobWelding on all social media.